Clare Woods is included in Threshold, opening Thursday 19th January 2023

Simon Lee Gallery is pleased to present Threshold, a group exhibition that traverses the solace of ritual and the continued impact of spiritualism in contemporary art and feminism, on the occasion of Jennifer Higgie’s new book The Other Side. Featuring work by Angela Bulloch, Rachel Howard, Donna Huddleston, Josephine Meckseper, France-Lise McGurn, Paulina Olowska, Mai-Thu Perret and Clare Woods, Threshold brings together new and exciting perspectives which are compounded in the work of Donna Huddleston who’s drawing Brighter, 2021 adorns the cover of Higgie’s book.

In new works presented by France-Lise McGurn and Donna Huddleston the artists focus on the female figure. In McGurn

Clare Woods and Angela Bulloch look to the sky – long a symbol of eternity and transcendence. Bulloch’s constellation of LED lights glitter against a dense felt background, at once familiar yet otherworldly, whilst Woods’ twilight scene Max the Misfit, 2022 extends upon the artist’s recent musings on humanity, life and hope, as she sculpturally constructs an emotive portrayal of a blushing sky. Within this liminal space sits the work of Mai-Thu Perret, News From Nowhere I, 2019, acting simultaneously as a catalyst for both the ethereal and tangible narratives projected by Bulloch and Woods.

Spanning painting, works on paper, ceramics, textiles and installation, the works on view come together to visualise the varied and multiple ways in which contemporary women artists are engaging and working with spiritualism. Threshold runs from 19th January – 25th February 2023 at Simon Lee Gallery, London. On the 23rd February 2023 the gallery will celebrate the launch of Jenifer Higgie’s new booked The Other Side by hosting a conversation between Donna Huddleston and Jennifer Higgie.

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