Transparency a group exhibition at Lyndsey Ingram Gallery, London. 18th January – 23rd February 2024

Transparency, a group exhibition surveying artistic representations of clear surfaces, objects and materials. The artists in the exhibition are multi-generational and their approach to the subject includes photography, printmaking, drawing, painting and sculpture. Spanning a period from the late 17th Century to present day, many of the artists included are being shown at Lyndsey Ingram for the first time.

Artists included in the show are; Wilson Bentley, Louise Bourgeois, Marcantonio Brandolini, Anna Calleja, Patrick Caulfield, Lottie Cole, Michael Craig-Martin, Delphine D. Garcia, Anna Freeman Bentley, Kate Friend, Tim Garwood, Sarah Graham, David Hockney, Florence Houston, Aaron Kasmin, Pierre Le-Tan, Kathryn Maple, Christian Marclay, Henri Matisse, James McNeill Whistler, Cornelia Parker, Thomas Ruff, Dani Trew, Jonas Wood, Clare Woods and William Wright.

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