Between Before and After-Exhibition/Book

Forwarded by Pauli Sivonen Director of the Serlachius Museums
Articles in the book are authored by Anouchka Grose, Laura Kuurne and Pauli Sivonen.
Editor Laura Kuurne
Publisher Pars Publishings Ltd
Publishing Date 2022 Hard Cover
Texts are in Finnish and English

ISBN 978-952-7441-05-3

Marking her Finnish debut, this publication illustrates works taken from Clare Wood’s solo exhibition at the Serlachius Museums held between 26.03.2022-5.03.2023. Between Before and After: curated by Laura Kuurne, presents Woods’ production from the last five years. Originally trained as a sculptor, Woods evocative oil on aluminum paintings range in scale from small intimate pieces to vast immersive works. Her latest works portray cropped details from her daily surroundings. These ideas and subjects are either borrowed from photography found within books, newspapers or online or from images she has taken herself which she then translates into sculptureque paintings. Her work is inherently paradoxical; it pleases the eye, yet a flaw or element of discomfort or vulnerability is ever present. In her most recent paintings, Woods has depicted the vulnerability and short-lived nature of life through flowers as well as shapes of the human form. The coronavirus pandemic, which shrank life to within the walls of the home, has also ended up in her works with views of dimmed rooms invoking the tedium of long hours spent indoors. A series of prominent writers nave considered various aspects of her work and discussed paths into the art of Clare Woods that accompany the printed work illustrated within this catalogue.

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