The Great Unknown-Exhibition Catalogue

Articles in the catalogue are authored by Helen Waters; Director of Cristea Roberts Gallery
Publisher Cristea Roberts Gallery
Publishing Date 2021 Softcover
Texts are in English

ISBN 978-1-9999319-4-0

This catalogue was published to accompany the exhibition; The Great Unknown held at Cristea Roberts Gallery 21 May 2021. The Great Unknown is the first showing of a major body of prints and collages by the artist Clare Woods. It explores the themes of fragility, transience and otherness, the delicate borders that exist between sickness and health, cruelty and humanity, and the cycle of life. Having initially trained as a sculptor, Woods’ understanding of sculptural forms underpins her pictorial work. New collages and prints depicting interiors, still life and portraiture encourage an understanding of what it means to live in the time of mass image consumption and in a world that treats banality and disaster In the same way. Woods Is preoccupied with the human body and its environment and draws inspiration from photographs derived from diverse sources including her own images. Woods’ reinterprets this found imagery; cropping and repositioning subjects so they hover on the edge of legibility and figuration. She is concerned with the emotional response the imagery triggers within her and its potential for re-interpretaton or translation by the viewer. To accompany the printed works within this publication is an interview between Clare Woods and Helen Water; Director of Cristea Roberts Gallery, a list of works and a biography of the artist.

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